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Under the Tents: Loyal Subjects, Star Trek Axanar, Back in Time, Kidrobot, Chris Gorham, Billy Martin

There is an insane amount of news in today’s Under of Tents San Diego Comic-Con news round-up – everything from exclusives to panels to swag. There’s so much, that we’re not even going to list it all out – just read for yourself, as there’s some really good tidbits today.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • The Loyal Subjects have posted more information on the SDCC exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on their website.  These are black and grey “stealth editions” with the standard colored highlights for the four individual turtles.  We also now know that they will be in limited supply and available at booth #5050. From their site, here’s a closer look:
  • Star Trek Axanar has posted on their Twitter page that they will be joining the Digital Bits panel at this year’s Comic-Con. The independent film takes place in the Star Trek Universe and follows the character Garth of Izar, a hero of James T. Kirk. The panel will have give-aways and a first look at Axanar. Pre-production is scheduled to begin in October 2015.

  • Actress Chase Masterson, founder of Anti-Bullying Co, will be back at Comic-Con this year with her annual “End Bullying” panel.  She tweeted that the panel will take place on Sunday, July 12th, at 10AM.

  • The Ninjabot tweeted that in addition to having an SDCC exclusive print, they will also have free daily exclusive swag. If you haven’t already checked out their Superheroes “Origin” series, we highly recommend it – and if you’re attending our sold out Enchantment Under the SDCC party, you’ll be taking home one of their prints.

  • Back in Time, a documentary film about the cultural impact of Back to the Future 30 years later, announced on Twitter they will have a panel at SDCC 2015.  The movie is set to premiere in fall 2015.

  • posted an article and pictures of an San Diego Comic-Con exclusive collaboration between Kidrobot and WuzOne.  It will be an 8″ Dunny figure resembling Pinocchio.  We will keep you posted as more info becomes available.
Kidrobot x WuzOne SDCC Exclusive
Kidrobot x WuzOne SDCC Exclusive
  • The Orlando Business Journal has reported that Red Giant Entertainment Inc. will be releasing 50,000 copies of its Giant Sized #1 comic at SDCC this summer.  Their Giant Size line series of eight comic will be 64 pages long versus the standard 24-32 pages comics. The issue will contain previews of work from all eight of their upcoming series.
Red Giant Comic Art
Red Giant Comic Art
  • The official Facebook page for Robotech posted on their event page that they will be attending Comic-Con as a part of their Robotech Convention Tour.
  • Nate Mitchell of Squid Kids Ink posted on Instagram a work in progress image of his SDCC 2015  Squib Joker figure.  The design is based on a traditional trading card and will be a part of a series.

    Squid Kids Ink  Squib Joker Figure
    Squid Kids Ink Squib Joker Figure
  • San Diego Comic-Con has posted on the official website that they are no longer accepting applications for the costume contest at this year’s 41st Annual Comic-Con International Masquerade. For more information on the Masquerade event, check out our previous article.
  • Stephan Franck, creator of SILVER by Dark Planet Comics, posted on Instagram a preview page of SILVER Issue #5 that will be ready just in time for San Diego Comic-Con.

    Dark Planet Comic's SILVER Issue #5
    Dark Planet Comic’s SILVER Issue #5
  • Actor Chris Gorham posted on Twitter that he will be at SDCC this summer, though there’s no word yet on what he’ll be attending for.

  • Freelance illustrator, and also guitarist for the band Good Charolette, Billy Martin, posted on Twitter that his book Damious McDreary A Boy and His Bat will have a dark variant cover only available at Comic-Con 2015.

  • Neo Edmund, writer of novels, screenplays, cartoons, and comic books, posted in Twitter that he will be hosting a panel and appearing on many others at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

  • The Supernatural Wiki has posted a survey to gather information on a possible Supernatural cocktail party during SDCC 2015.  It would take place Thursday, July 9, from 5:30-7:30pm in honor of the ten year anniversary of the original screening of the Supernatural pilot at Comic-Con. Follow the link to participate in the survey and make a Supernatural party happen.
  • Cartoonist and illustrator, John Steventon, posted on his Instagram a work in progress page from his comic The Inquiring Minds. He will be releasing book two at Comic-Con and selling an exclusive SDCC variant cover of book one. The comic follows three kids looking for fun and adventure.
The Inquiring Minds #2 Preview
The Inquiring Minds #2 Preview
  • Joel Enos, writer of stories and comics, and editor of manga, posted on his Twitter that he will be attending Comic-Con 2015.

  • Author Roy Burdine posted on Twitter that he will have a booth at San Diego Comic-Con this year promoting a new book he did with Shawn McManus called Megan’s Brood.  There is also a sneak peek photo.  Burdine is known for his book series TXTme and works for Dreamworks Animation.

  • Brian Hess, creator of the comic Awake, posted on Instagram that he will be attending SDCC and will on on the Action Lab panel.
Brian Hess' Event Schedule
Brian Hess’ Event Schedule
  • Alan Kistler, best selling author of Doctor Who: A History, tweeted that he will be on a few panels are Comic-Con this year.

  • The Loyal Subjects have posted another SDCC 2015 Exclusive on their Facebook.  This time it is a Transformers Mirage figure.  It is listed as being a pre-production sample, but looks just as great as everything else they have revealed so far.
The Loyal Subjects' Transformers Mirage Figure
The Loyal Subjects’ Transformers Mirage Figure
  • Tattoo artist, Chris 51, will be making an appearance at the Kidrobot booth.  Kidrobot posted on their Facebook page an image of one of his recent Kidrobot insired tattoos. Chris 51 works at Area 51 Tattoo and appears on the TV show Epic Ink.
Chris 51's Kidrobot Inspired Tattoo
Chris 51’s Kidrobot Inspired Tattoo
  • Spy Kitten, model, burlesque, actress, and more announced on her Instagram page that she will be be presenting a workshop at SDCC 2015.
  • Critical Media Studios expert Meredith Levine will be holding a panel at Comic-Con this year as well, she announced on Twitter, called Fandom is My Fandom, or We All Live in a Coffeeshop AU.

  • Artist Rhiannon Owens showed off one of her exclusive trading cards that will be available at the Breygent booth. The image is a bit NSFW, but you can find it on Instagram.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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