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Super7 SDCC 2015 Exclusives [UPDATE July 7]

Toymakers Super7, who have partnered with Funko on their ReAction line of retro action figures, have started revealing their  slate of their own SDCC exclusives that they’ll be selling at next month’s San Diego Comic-Con.

They’ll be incorporating their new San Diego retail space into the Comic-Con festivities, but let’s focus on what vinyl exclusives you can grab at Booth #4945. Here’s a look:

[UPDATE July 7] Looks like Super7 has one more exclusive up their sleeves: a light green Soft Vinyl Skeletor, which will be available only at the Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up Shop, and will retail for $60. Limit one per person.


[UPDATE July 3] Super7 isn’t done yet! The company announced another booth exclusive  — the Alien Marbled Massacre figure, which features a blue and red swirl vinyl with clear dome. It will retail for $50.


They also unveiled their final round of Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up Shop items, including a set of pint glasses featuring Skeletor, Beastman, Tri-Klops, and Mer-Man. You can grab them for $10 each, or $40 for the set. They’ve also got seven t-shirt designs available, for $25 each.









[UPDATE July 2] Super7 has a ton of awesome exclusives lined up for attendees this year, including these Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up Shop Giant Size 12″ action figures of He-Man and Skeletor, which will retail for $95. They’ve also got a Chia Pet MOTU Moss Man (come on, you know that’ awesome) that will retail for $29.99. Here’s a look:




Finally, at the booth, Super7 is teaming up with Secret-Base for Steve Callero’s Cab Dragon. The 4″ soft vinyl figure has a removeable Dragon mask, to reveal Steve Cabalero. The figures will be released on Saturday, July 11 at 2PM in a special release/signing event. They’ll retail for $50 each.


[UPDATE July 1 – #2] Super7 will have handcrafted, limited edition He-Man and Skeletor sculptures at the Skeletor’s Pop-Up Shop, which will retail for $100 each. Here’s a look, from their blog:



[UPDATE July 1 – #1] Super7 has announced an amazing ReAction playset: The Haunted House. This 25″ wide and 20″ doll house includes trap doors, concealed entrances, hidden rooms, and more. You can grab the playset at their Booth #4945 for $75.



[UPDATE June 30] Ready for some more awesome Super7 announcements? They’ll be debuting M.O.T.U.S.CL.E., a combination of two epic toy lines. You can grab the Masters of the Universe/M.U.S.C.L.E. mash-ups, which include six heroic warriors and six evil warriors, for $6 each. The Pink edition (though the photo looks orange to us) will be available at Super7 Booth #4945 and the Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up Shop, and the all-black edition will only be available at Skeletor’s Lair (limit one per person). The Mattel booth will also be handing out purple edition Skeletor M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. figures.



Additionally, Super7 showed off some exclusive Comic-Con ReAction Nightmare Before Christmas figures, including Pumpkin King Ornament Jack and Sally. They’ll retail for $20 each, and you can grab them at Super7’s booth.



[UPDATE June 29] That awesome Super7 pop-up shop we told you about? Toyark has more details on what’s going to be there, including a set of Prototype Style Masters of the Universe ReAction Figures. You’ll need to get a Skeletoken from either the Super7 booth or the Mattel booth to head to Skeletor’s Lair, but those who brave the good fight will be treated to a chance to purchase these guys. The set will retail for $60 and is limited to one per person.


[UPDATE June 25 #2] We’ve gotten our hands on two more Super7 exclusives for this year, including one that’s very interesting: a Masters of the Universe Skeletoken, which will be available at both Super7 Booth #4945 and Mattel Booth #3029. The token allows the bearer entry into the Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up Shop, “to barter for their share of spoils from the treasure within”. At the pop-up shop, which will be Super7’s San Diego East Village retail location (701 8th Ave), Super7 will be releasing exclusive He-Man and Masters of the Universe items.

The other exclusive is a Haunted Crypt ReAction set, which will be available for $65. The set features a Mausoleum, “Spirit Glow” Frankenstein, Creature, Wolfman, and Mummy ReAction Figures.



[UPDATE June 25 #1]











Which Super7 exclusives will you be picking up this year? Let us know in the comments.


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