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Funko San Diego Comic-Con Updates

Funko PR mavens Cameron Deuel and Yoko McCann were recently on An Englishman in San Diego’s podcast A Cup O’ Tea, where they revealed several details about this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Here are the highlights from the podcast chat:

  • For those who have been asking about the annual Funko Fun Days, look for an announcement in May. Tickets will not go on sale before then.
  • McCann mentioned that they’d be using a “new SDCC process” for distribution this year. McCann stressed that “it is important to [Funko] to get fans in those lines first”, and that they’ve been meeting with CCI since last year’s event ended to figure out this year’s distribution process. Although they wouldn’t nail down what this year’s process will be, McCann did say that she “expects” it to be a Sails ticket distribution.
  • Last year, Funko featured a very limited autograph signing (and exclusive Funko Pop!) with Bryan Fuller. Although they wouldn’t pin down who will be signing this year at San Diego Comic-Con, they did mention that they’ll be holding another autograph session.
  • When asked whether they’d be teaming up with Conan again on exclusive Pop! figures when the show returns for the second year, McCann said, “I think everybody involved was very happy with that, and so, who knows?”
  • The Funko booth will be getting a giant BB-8 — presumably similar to last year’s photo-op-perfect giant Hulkkbuster.
  • Deuel mentioned that he expects fans to be “surprised” by this year’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, and that they’ve been working on some “really great” items. Here’s the full quote:

After SDCC last year, we noticed a fair amount of people who were really excited about what we made, and the exclusives that were provided — but there were some cries out of, and this happens at every con where we have exclusives, that we were doing repaints or variants that were lazy to some people. Our CEO really makes a point to not do that and introduce new lines… and he definitely, he was like, ‘What are they saying? Okay, we’re going to show them.’ Very determined to do something really great this year, so there’s — I haven’t seen the concrete list — but I think it will be a nice surprise for a lot of people.

You can watch the full video below:

What are you hoping to see from Funko this year at San Diego Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments.

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