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Moebius Models SDCC 2016 Exclusives [UPDATE June 17]

Moebius Models, manufacturer of classic sci-fi and horror models, is coming back to San Diego Comic-Con with some more high-quality statues sure to grab the attention of attendees. Last year, the company brought along the best friend Superman could ever have in Krypto (and a dog tag which our own dog wears at home), and we’re so excited about what they have up their sleeves for this year.

The company has now started to unveil its 2016 exclusives, and we’ll update this master post when new items are announced.

Here’s a look at what’s in store for Moebius Models in 2016:

[UPDATE June 17] Is there anyone who has better packaging for their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives than Moebius Models? You won’t think so either when you see their last two exclusives, which honor the classic TV series Lost in Space.

The Jupiter 2 in 1/350th scale is approximately 1.75″ in diameter, and is hand painted and assembled. It features a “picture” interior, color background, inside a vintage TV display. Just like watching it in years gone by! Cardboard legs and antennae, protective outer sleeve. TV is approximately 4” square. $25. You can pre-order it now for pick-up at San Diego Comic-Con.


The Robot is 1/25th scale is just as awesome, with a stand measuring approximately 3.5” tall. Hand painted and assembled, full color background inside a vintage TV display. Cardboard legs and antennae, protective outer sleeve. TV is approximately 4” square. $25. You can pre-order it now for pick-up at SDCC.


[UPDATE June 10] The second of Moebius Models’ San Diego Comic-Con exclusives (or third, depending on how you want to look at it), is a Batmobile. The 1/25 scale replica is hand-painted, and measures 10″ long. It comes in a display packaging, protective sleeve, outer shipping box, and commemorative bag. It’s limited to only 500 pieces.

You can pre-order it now for $85 on Moebius’ site for pick-up at the convention, at Booth #2946.

Here’s a look:


And here’s a look at the reverse of the bag:


[UPDATE June 8] Moebius Models has announced its first exclusives for 2016, and it’s a double-header with Batman v Superman Armored Batman and Superman. The 15″ pre-painted statues come in a collectible bag.

Superman retails for just $140, and Batman $160.

Each statue is limited to just 100 pieces each, and half of those (50) will be available for pre-order before the convention, with the other 50 being sold at the booth. You can pre-order it now by e-mailing for pickup at Booth #2946 during the con.

Here’s a look at the highly detailed statues:




And a look at both sides of the collectible bag which they will come in:



Will you be picking up this Moebius Models exclusive? Let us know in the comments.

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