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Toddland Booth Activities, More Exclusives

Did you think that we were done unveiling all of Toddland’s awesome San Diego Comic-Con exclusives? Well, they’ve got a little more Bob’s Burgers magic up their sleeves with two more offerings, which are very affordable, as well as daily giveaways at Booth #4537 that you won’t want to miss.

First, let’s look at their added exclusives:

Snag a Tina Erotic Friend Fiction 5×7 Notepad for only $5! This is limited to 250, and will sell fast.


You can also score a Bob’s Burgers Tote Bag for $20, which features Bob and Linda as the iconic American Gothic couple. It’s limited to 25 – yes, just 25.

tote bag revised 070916

You’ll also want to stop by the booth for daily handouts each day, which will be handed out at random times throughout the day. Here’s a look at what you can snag:

  • toddland Beefsquatch ID stickers – limited to 100/day
  • Bento Box magnets – limited to 175/day
  • FOX Bob’s Burgers totem pole restaurant camp 3×5 notebooks – limited to 175/day


And if you haven’t already seen all of their other, awesome exclusives – here’s an overview (click for larger):


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