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Under The Tents: Gishbus, Nsurgo, Loot Crate, Street Fighter, KFC, Hellboy, Funko, Comixology Comic Book All-Stars

It’s like Christmas time here at the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog as all the news is hitting pretty heavy. The official panel schedule has already started unrolling with this afternoon’s Wednesday and Thursday reveals and more still to come in the next three days, but in the mean time, catch up on news about some exclusive Street Fighter skate decks, the Gishbus, and KFC!!

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Remember that awesome KFC comic that we told you about this morning? Turns out that it’s coming to San Diego Comic-Con!

  • GISHWHESers get excited as the Gishbus will be making a stop in San Diego for Comic-Con. The “luxurious” bus comes with a VIP area, candy art, and more according to the article from EW. No word on when/if Misha Collins of Supernatural fame will make an appearance at the Gishbus but it’s bound to happen.


  • More news about the DKE Toys booth, as a tweet from RivetGallery, shows off some interesting Dodo birds that will be available at the booth. They’ll love you as if you’re one of them.

  • The biggest film of the summer is bound to be well represented at SDCC this year, included in that is this Albert Nguyen print featuring the Cap laying out Iron Man. America!

Simone Bianchi is bringing A Decade of Arts to SDCC which will be the first time it has been presented in the U.S.. Simone will also be making a few of the numbered limited editions available according to a recent Facebook post.


  • What’s missing from your fashionable SDCC wardrobe? A Mike Mignola Hellboy tote bag of course! According to Mike’s tweet, you’ll be able to snag it at booth #4901.

  • Lootcrate looks to be hooking up fan girls around the country as they will be bringing their newest box, “Loot4FanGirls” to SDCC. Looks like plenty of awesome geek licenses will be included! A limited number will be on sale at their booth #241.
  • Loot Crate also promises that we’ll get some news about their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives tomorrow.

  • Don’t want to battle it with fellow geeks to get into the Funko booth this year? You may be in luck as a Funko fan recently tweeted out a screen capture from the Books-A-Million newsletter and they’ll be getting a few Funko SDCC exclusives to sell on their site. When more details are announced, we’ll let you know!

  • Comixology has announced an SDCC exclusive series of cards entitled “Comic Book All-Stars” according to a recent article from EW. These cards feature some of the biggest creators in comics such as Robert Kirkman and Kelly Sue DecConnick. The cards will be available at the Comixology booth #2547 and at the various Comixology panels all weekend.


  • Buttons! A staple of SDCC swag every year and Alex Pardee is bringing some awesome looking buttons to booth #5502 this year.

  • Free stuff alert! This comes from Cinema Squad and they’re looking to hook you up all weekend with some swag. In an email from Cinema Squad to sdccblog: “Starting Preview Night (Wednesday, July 20th) and running all weekend, The Cinema Squad will be doing giveaways & contests at San Diego Comic Con!
    If you spot anyone in a Cinema Squad shirt, come say hi! We may just have something for you…
    We’ll also be handing out some custom sunglasses & waters at random times during the Con, as well as having contests for some SDCC Exclusives!
  • Nsurgo is bringing Street Fighter to the masses of SDCC in this unique SDCC exclusive. They will be selling two Street Fighter skate decks that, when put together, complete the character face. You can find both decks at the Nsurgo booth #5146 for the price of $60 each, in a run of 250 each.

Photo May 29, 1 14 38 PM

  • Torchwood fans should be excited to hear that Titan Comics will be at SDCC with a special variant to their new comic book, Torchwood #1. Titan is also bringing with them Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman along with author (and his sister) Carole E. Barrowman for a panel and signing! Panel takes place on Saturday, July 23 in room 5AB at 3:30. Signing takes place at the Titan table #AA21 on Sunday, July 24 from 11AM-12PM.

Torchwood_001_Convention_Special_Cover_A_Tommy_Lee_Edwards (1)

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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