Under the Tents: Gentle Giant, Mezco, Bored Inc, Supernatural, Lorelay Bove

If you’re looking for SDCC exclusives, this issue of Under the Tents has a lot of them. We’ll talk about exclusives from Lorelay Bove, Bored Inc., Vault Collectibles, and more. We also talk about an artist or two who still have spaces on their commission/pre-done sketch lists. And of course, there’s crochet.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • While not confirmation, Supernatural Executive Producer Andrew Dabb was recently asked by TVLine about a tease for the next season of the show. His response? “That’s something we’re probably more comfortable talking about around Comic-Con.” Presumably, this is because Supernatural will be back at San Diego Comic-Con – which, while not confirmed, seems about 99.99% likely.
  • Jennifer, maker of her ISOPPIE bags, has a super bag (pun intended) for the SDCC Art Show this year. Her large D12 Superman bag is sure to fly away with some sort of prize this year.


  • You may remember us mentioning the mother-daughter team behind Bored Inc. (aka Tokyobunnie), who previously teased an image of their first SDCC exclusive pin. Well, now the cat’s out of the bag (literally!). Their first SDCC exclusive enamel pin and sticker set is a Magical Sky edition of their Afro Cat. It’s a limited piece of only 175, so if you want one, you’ll have to find them fast.


  • Artist Allen Williams will be at SDCC this year with some new and old art. He posted a graphite-on-paper piece he made back in 2013 that he will have available as a print at his Booth #4613 along with more of his work.


  • Jennifer Nolan (aka dsgnGrl/dsgnjenn), crochet artist extraordinaire, plans to exterminate her crochet competition at SDCC this year with her Dalek critter as well as Daisy the Donkey. Find her in Artists Alley, but bring a Sonic Screwdriver with you (just in case).


  • Speaking of crochet, Moon’s Creations will be fighting back with their Skeksis critters (from the movie The Dark Crystal) they’ll have available for SDCC 2017. As with all the other Moon’s Creations crocheted creations, Geeky Hooker will be dropping it.

  • Mezco Toys’ Living Dead dolls collection doesn’t mess around. They’ve introduced Cuddles, the Talking Doll, and it will be sure to give you nightmares for weeks. Mezco’s first talking doll comes equipped with six chilling phrases, activated by a discreet button on the doll’s back. You can pre-order Cuddles on Wednesday, June 21 only from their Living Dead Dolls site, or you can pick Cuddles up in person (if you’re brave enough) from Mezco’s Booth #3445 at SDCC.

  • Vault Collectibles announced their very first SDCC exclusive: an SDCC variant cover drawn by Dave Dorman for Star Trek: Waypoint #6. The homage to classic Star Trek covers of the 1960s is limited to a run of only 1,000, so stop by the Rolling Thunder booth if you want to grab it. Dave Dorman will also be on hand to sign for you.

  • If you’re a fan of Gentle Giant’s products, you’ll want to keep an eye on them Wednesday, June 21 at 10AM PT. That is when they will begin revealing their SDCC 2017 exclusives. They plan to reveal a new exclusive every Monday (except July 3) and Wednesday leading up to SDCC.

  • Disney artist Lorelay Bove posted an image of more from her Lovely Ladies series she’ll have at SDCC this year. Look for her and the rest of her work at the Gallery Nucleus Booth #2643.




  • Albatross! Albatross! No, this isn’t a Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch. Albatross Funnybooks announced they’ll have signings by Eric Powell and Brendon Small at their SDCC Booth #2209 for their new comic, Galaktikon. Check their booth for signing times and watch for more announcements from Albatross Funnybooks through the rest of June.




  • KRS Comics announced the latest release from Image Comics, Sacred Creatures #1, will be available at their SDCC Booth, #5559. Written by Klaus Janson and Pablo Raimondi with cover art by Frank Miller, this release is limited to only 500 copies and will only be available at SDCC.



  • Look out, H.R. Geiger! Artist N.C. Winters is doing some final touch-ups on his rendition of Geiger’s xenomorph for SDCC. It looks like he’s mostly done with it. Mostly.




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