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Super7 and UNKLE Team Up for Pop-Up Shop, Action Figure Collection

Super7 is joining up with British musical act UNKLE, to celebrate their 25th anniversary. In 1988, UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction album was released, and the group created a limited number of resin UNKLE77 action figures – and this year, Super8 is bringing them back.

The new figures will come in a life-size UNKLE77 head box, which will also contain one of three 7″ records and a clear record adapter that doubles as a display stand. There will be three different sets, which include a pink camo figure and a single of “The Road”, a blue camo figure and a single of “Nowhere to Run”, and a green camo figure and a single of “Looking for the Rain”. Each box will retail for $50, and are limited to 500 figures of each.

You’ll be able to score the UNKLE77 figures at a UNKLE Pop-Up Shop from Super7 at their regular retail location (701 Eighth Ave), on Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23. There will also be a signing and an exclusive DJ set from UNKLE’s James Lavelle.

From Hypebeast, here’s a look at the figures:

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