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Under the Tents: Toddland, Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County, Camilla d’Errico, Alex Ross

We’ve reached our home stretch – it’s Comic-Con month! With SDCC so close, we’re being flooded with all kinds of great news from Toddland, Berkely Breathed’s Bloom County, Camilla d’Errico, Alex Ross, and so much more. And of course, we have crochet!

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Our good friends at Toddland are going to have a lot to offer at Booth #4429 this year (it’s twice the size of their booth last year for a reason, trust us). Find Pickle Bob among their awesomeness and free swag.

  • If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, you grew up with Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County and Outland comic strips. Over the last few years, he’s resurrected his beloved characters, such as Opus the Penguin, Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas, Milo, and Binkley. Breathed is returning to SDCC this year with new Bloom County collections as well as reprints of his older work. Stay tuned for details on his signing times and locations.

  • Canadian artist Camilla d’Errico is celebrating Canada Day by finishing her Sea Bunny to add to her “Surreal Safari” SDCC series. The entire series (as well as d’Errico) will be at Booth #4723 in the Exhibit Hall.

  • DC artist Alex Ross posted this Justice League print he’ll have along with a lot more of his work at Booth #2415.

  • Trooper. Storm Trooper. While we’re pretty sure James Bond was more accurate with his Walther PPK, this 007 Stormtrooper canvas from Daniel Jaimes certainly gives the Imperial Foot Soldier an element of class.

  • Artist Jason Edmiston made his own tribute to the 35th anniversary of The Thing with this 36×24 screen print he’ll have at his Booth #4617.

  • Freelance artist Ed Jiménez has been juggling a lot of projects lately, but he’s finally able to show off his rendering of Saccadius Cartwright he made for Yomi Ayeni. This will be released at SDCC, but we’ll have to stay tuned for more specific details.

  • Artist Cristhian Hova is packing his latest works to get ready for SDCC. We’ll have to keep an eye on where to find his art deco-inspired work.

  • Prolific artist Bill Sienkiewicz will have his work all over SDCC this year. Find his “American Pimp” and “Moon Knight” works at his own Booth #1714.

  • Remember when we said SDCC was all about mini-prints and crochet? Well, we talked about mini-prints, so here’s some crochet. Ami of Yarnia showed off a Spider Gwen critter she’s sending to The Geeky Hooker to add to her critter drops.

  • Carmen Ruder is getting in on the critter drop fun. Here is her crocheted Baymax critter she’ll be dropping somewhere around SDCC.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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