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Buying Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusives Outside Comic-Con

As per usual, most of Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will also be sold at retailers around the US, just with a “Summer Convention” sticker.

There are some Funko Pop! items that are not shared with other retailers, and these are typically the announced Pop!s and other items that include a “LE” and a number when announced. So, for instance, Taika Waititi is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces — and we can pretty much guarantee you he won’t be sold in stores. There are sometimes other opportunities to get even these limited edition exclusives, though, as Funko often runs Twitter contests, or sometimes will offer up very small quantities through the shop in their store (which sell out almost instantly).

But back to the shared exclusives, which is by far the vast majority of Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con offerings. So what does a shared exclusive or a “Summer Convention” exclusive mean? Well, if things work as they have in the past, beginning Wednesday night/early Thursday — those exclusives will go up online at various retailers, like Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, Gamestop, Walmart, and more. These work exactly as any normal retail purchase, though they are limited quantities, and many won’t last past (or sometimes even into) Thursday morning. There’s no set time when this happens, and each store tends to vary. Some might go live at 12PM PT. Some might go live at 2AM PT. Or 4AM. There’s no hard or fast rule – or at least, there hasn’t been in the past.

Funko typically releases the full list of which Funko Pop! items are available where by Wednesday night, but for now, this list from Funko Pop! Hunters is the best “rumored” list. Note that this is not the confirmed list, and it is not final.

They’ll also be available in stores on Thursday morning at the various retailers, but for those of us at Comic-Con, this isn’t always the easiest task. But there’s no reason you can’t be sitting in line to get onto the exhibit floor and purchase your Funko items right then and there. No Online Exclusives Portal win required.

It won’t be all of Funko’s exclusives – but this is a good fix for many.

Don’t forget that Funko is utilizing the Online Exclusives Portal for those actually looking to purchase at the booth, so read up on the new process if you haven’t already.

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