NECA San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives [UPDATE June 27]

NECA’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets are always one of the hottest exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con  — and we’re excited to see what NECA has in store for 2019.

If you missed out on NECA’s first presale — which launched on June 5 – June 7 — then you’re in luck! They’re offering a second chance at a stab at their SDCC exclusives, with a second presale on Friday, June 21 at 12PM PT, after cancelling orders from bots, scalpers, and more. Just like last time, there is a limit of two per item per household. If you don’t partake in the presale, you’ll need to line up at the NECA booth to purchase your items directly there. You can read more about the presale on NECA’s site.

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE June 27]

In addition to their regular San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, you can also find a few HeroClix at the NECA booth, including:

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers 1,000,000 BC Ghost Rider & Mammoth Colossal – $40

Marvel HeroClix: Doop on Motorcycle with Tiger – $20

Marvel HeroClix: Phoenix Force Magneto – $15

DC Comics HeroClix: Batmobile (Batman the Animated Series) – $30

DC Comics HeroClix: Lobo – $20

[UPDATE June 5]

Surprise! NECA’s bringing one last San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and it will definitely grow on you. You can grab the Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Chia Pet Pottery Planter, which really will grow with Chia seed packets (included) or similar herb seeds. The set also includes a Salacious B. Crumb ornament, plastic drip tray, and more. It will retail for $45.

[UPDATE May 31 – #2]

It’s truly a happy Friday, because we get TWO NECA exclusive reveals today. The second, just like earlier today, is a DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics pair-up, featuring 7″ Scale Action Figures – Batman vs Predator 2-Pack. Based on the 1991 Batman Versus Predator comic book mini-series, the figures each feature over 30 points of articulation. Batman comes with a fabric cape, a gun, and bat accessory — while The Predator includes two heads, a removable backpack, retractable wrist blades, and a spear accessory. The set comes packaged in window box packaging with embossed opening flap, and will retail for $60. Please note that if you are purchasing in the pre-sale, this item will ONLY be available to be bundled with the Superman Versus Aliens set. If purchasing on-site, you may purchase separately.

[UPDATE May 31]

NECA’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a DC/Dark Horse – 7” Scale Action Figures – Superman vs Aliens 2-Pack. The classic 1995 mash-up between the Man of Steel and the deadly Xenomorph is commemorated with these action figures featuring over 30 points of articulation on each figure, a fabric cape for Superman, and attachable eye blast effect. Superman measures in at about 7″ tall, while the Xenomorph comes in at about 9″ with bendable tail. It comes packaged in a window box with an opening flap, and will retail for $60. Please note that if you are purchasing in the pre-sale, this item will ONLY be available to be bundled with the Batman Versus The Predator set. If purchasing on-site, you may purchase separately.

[UPDATE May 29 – #2] got an early look at NECA’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, a Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ultimate John Connor figure. The 7″ figure features over 25 points of articulation, and comes with his iconic dirt bike (which has its own display stand), as well as two interchangeable heads, a removable backpack, hacking device, and Endoskeleton arm in display case. It comes packaged in a window box with an opening flap, and will retail for $50.

From, here’s a look:

[UPDATE May 29 – #1]

NECA’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is The Karate Kid John Kreese 8″ Clothed Action Figure, from the classic franchise. In the 8″ figure, John Kreese wears his black gi and features a distinctive tattoo of a fist clutching a cobra. The figure is fully articulated, comes in window box packaging, and will retail for $40.

[UPDATE May 25]

We all float down here…

NECA’s second San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive comes straight from the pages of Stephen King’s novel IT, and features the thing that nightmares are made of: Pennywise the Clown. This SDCC exclusive is based on the Derry Charter engraving from the film, and the 8″ scale figure is detailed in an “engraved” style, and comes with two head sculpts, and two balloons. It also comes packaged in a window box packaging with an opening flap, featuring debossed printing and foiled accents. It will retail for $30.

[UPDATE May 23]

It’s World Turtle Day, which can only mean one thing – that it’s time for NECA’s annual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles San Diego Comic-Con exclusive reveal. This year’s offering will be The Capture of Splinter 4-Pack, a set of 7″ scale action figures recreating the “Capture of Splinte” scene from the 1990 film. The set includes Splinter (with a cloth robe), Shredder (with a cloth cape), and two Foot soldiers — along with several accessories, including manacles, a cardstock crate, and a weapons rack for storing all of the Foot clan accessories. It all comes packaged in a slipcase over window box. It will retail for $125.

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