Under the Tents: Super7, Dead Zebra, Ash Evans, ComiXology, Alex Pardee

Yesterday truly kicked off San Diego Comic-Con season, with the first really big panel news of the year (as far as what’s coming, that is — which is, apparently, Game of Thrones). But that’s not all the news of lat,e as we’ve got updated on adorable plush, ComiXology signings, the deadliest KitKat bars you’ve ever seen, and more.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Artist Andrew Bell showed off this year’s KillKat vinyl exclusive, “Purple Drank”. You’ll be able to get it at Dead Zebra Booth #1335.



  • Ash Evans, creator of adorable things, revealed some new plush she’s bringing to the convention. These plush unicorns are limited to 190 pieces, and will retail for $20 each.


  • Author Charles Soule has been busy prepping for SDCC, and even working on “something cool” for Comic-Con with Scott Snyder. Color us intrigued.



  • Speaking of signings at ComiXology, writer Jim Zub is also heading back to SDCC after a few years away for signings at ComiXology, and signings/panels with a whole slew of other amazing companies.

  • Artist Fabio Napoleoni always has something fun going on with the Chuck Jones Gallery for SDCC, and 2019 is no different. He showed off a Scooby and Shaggy piece which looks to be set for a special Chuck Jones show — hopefully more info to share soon.


  • Illustrator Kory Bing is taking us back to our childhood, with new buttons which will be available at Comic-Con from a special vending machine at her booth. Who has an extra quarter?

  • Artist Alex Pardee has a “witchy friend” tagging along to SDCC this year. Expect his booth to be lit.

  • Comic illustrator Diana Greenhalgh showed off a new pin design, including a variant blue-haired version heading to SDCC.

  • ComicSketchArt.com will be exhibiting at Booth #4507 this year, where you’ll find originals, prints, and more.
  • Writer and illustrator Ken Penders is also heading to the con, at Table II-24, so stop by to see him.


Did we miss anything? Are you super excited about anything you saw? You should let us know! You can leave us a note in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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