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UDON Entertainment San Diego Comic-Con 2019 / Anime Expo Exclusives [UPDATE July 11]

Our friends at UDON Entertainment always have a plethora of fun items for San Diego Comic-Con and Anime Expo, for licenses like Street Fighter and more. This year, they’ll be at Booth #4529 at SDCC and Booth #2623.2723 at Anime Expo with all new exclusives, and illustrator and game developer Rob “Robaato” Porter, who designed two variant covers for UDON, will be signing books at BOTH conventions.

Let’s take a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 17]

UDON Signing with legendary Street Fighter Producer at SDCC, giving out limited edition Gold Metal Card

One of the most popular traditions for Street Fighter fans at San Diego Comic-Con is the UDON signing every year hosting legendary Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono! Celebrating their 5th year of this signing event, in true UDON tradition, they will be giving out a brand new limited edition Ono-san Gold Metal Card to the attendees. Here are the rules:

The first 100 fans who made a $150 purchase of qualifying products at the UDON booth (#4529) will get a ticket to the signing event that will be held on Saturday between 1:30 to 2:30pm. Bring the ticket back during the signing time and the lucky attendee will be awarded the gold card, and also get an autograph with Ono-san! LIMIT ONE GOLD CARD redemption per attendee.

[UPDATE July 11]

Street Fighter Limited Edition Metal Cards Set – The Ladies of Street Fighter III

This year, UDON has two sets of limited edition Street Fighter Metal Cards sets, starting with the awesome ladies of Street Fighter III — Chun Li, Ibuki, Elena, and Makoto. These women are some of the most iconic female fighters in video game history, and now they are immortalized in a limited edition, multi-colored metal card set heading to Cmic-Con. The Ladies of Street Fighter III Metal Card Set features brand new art by Ultra Street Fighter II artist Long Vo, and each set comes mounted on a specially-designed gatefold package featuring velvet lamination and raised spot gloss effects. This is a limited production run of 300 sets, so you would need to pick this up quickly – before your life bar runs out!The set of four cards will retail for $50.

Street Fighter Limited Edition Metal Cards Collection – The Ladies of Street Fighter IV!
UDON is celebrating more ladies of Street Fighter, with this The Ladies of Street Fighter IV Limited Edition Metal Cards Set. Precisely crafted with special laser etching, printing, and die-cut technology, these metal trading cards feature brand-new artwork by Ultra Street Fighter II artist Long Vo. Just like in previous years, these highly collectible cards will be given away randomly to fans who make qualified purchases at the UDON Booth. This year’s line-up includes four new silver cards featuring fan favorite characters C.Viper, Jury, Poison, and Decapre. FREE giveaway with qualified purchases.

[UPDATE July 10]

DARKSTALKERS Morrigan & Lilith Limited Edition Metal Card Set – $30 per set of 2 cards
The Darkstalkers 25th anniversary celebration continues with UDON and their first ever Darkstalkers Metal Cards set. The two SDCC exclusive cards feature the succubus sisters Morrigan and Lilith, with artwork by UDON artist Long Vo, created exclusively for this pair of cards. Each set comes mounted on a specially-designed gatefold package featuring velvet lamination and raised spot gloss effects. The set is limited to only 250 cards, and will retail for $30 for the set of two.

[UPDATE July 9]

DARKSTALKER Premium Framed Character Pin Lucky Draw

For the 25th anniversary of Darkstalkers, UDON is bringing their Premium Framed Character Pin Lucky Draw to San Diego Comic-Con 2019. These are UDON’s first set of Darkstalkers pins, and feature the original 10 playable characters from the first game in 1994. Each pin features brand new artwork by UDON artist Long Vo, and is double layered with a jewel-like cloisonne pin inset in a 3D sculpted antique bronze finished frame. The full set includes Morrigan, Demetri, Rikuo, Bishamon, Felicia, Talbain, Lord Raptor, Sasquatch, Anakaris, and Vikor.

To score one, you’ll head to UDON’s booth, where for $15 you can choose from sealed blind bags in a lucky draw, and dig into a raffle box to draw out the pin yourself.

[UPDATE July 8]

OKAMI – Amaterasu and Chibiterasu Collector’s Pins

UDON is celebrating the fan favorite game Okami with new San Diego Comic-Con collector pins, featuring designs of Amaterasu and Chibiterasu — each set on top of the flaming Okami emblem, with intricate 3D effect to give it a unique sparkling effect. Each 2″ wide pin is made of cloisonné enamel which provides a smooth, prestigious jewelry feel. You can snag them at the UDON booth for just $15 each.

[UPDATE June 30]

Persona 5 Morgana Lucky Draw Pins

Continuing on the success of UDON’s highly popular Persona 4 Teddy Lucky Draw Pins, UDON is bringing along some brand new pins for Persona 5. They’re spotlighting the fan favorite character of Morgana, from the hit game Persona 5: Phantom Thief Morgana. The new set, which will be available first at Anime Expo UDON Booth #2623 and #2723, and then again at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4529, includes five variants of the Morgana pin that are mixed in different difficulty levels. To get your hands on one, you’ll need to participate in a random draw. Each pin will be $10.

[UPDATE June 28]

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Character Winning Pose Pins Round 2

Up next, UDON wants to celebrate that feeling of winning your rounds in Street Fighter with Super Street Fighter II Turbo Character Winning Pose Pins. The pins will be sold in blind bags, with the “player” picking a random pin out of a raffle box. Round 2 consists of final bosses of Street Fighter II, including Sagat, Vega, Balrog, and M. Bison. For a bonus level, there will also be a hidden, extra-rare variant pin, and a hidden character to find. Collect all six pins for just $10 each.

You can participate in the random draw at either Anime Expo Booth #2623/#2723 or San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4529.

[UPDATE June 19]


UDON is bringing two limited, special edition variant covers of the Street Fighter 2019 Pin-Up Special, with art by Rob “Robaato” Porter. One features Chun-Li/Sakura/C-Viper, and will be available exclusively at Anime Expo. The second cover, featuring Karin/Cammy/Kolin, will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. But when you combine the two covers, they connect to form a full picture with the ladies of Street Fighter facing off for a beach time brawl.

The 32-page full color special is limited to 250 pieces each for each variant, and will retail for $25 each.

STREET FIGHTER 2019 PINUP SPECIAL #1 – Chun-Li/Sakura/C-Viper – by Robaato -Anime Expo Convention Exclusive

STREET FIGHTER 2019 PINUP SPECIAL #1 – Karin/Cammy/Kolin – by Robaato – San Diego Comic-Con Convention Exclusive

A look at the combined covers:

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