Monkey Minion San Diego Comic-Con Online 2020 Exclusives

San Diego Comic-Con has never just been about the big companies — it’s about the little guys too, including (and especially) about the amazing artists that make up the exhibitor floor. One of our favorite artist teams every year is Dane Ault and Ashlie Hammond, creators and owners of Monkey Minion. The company creates the best space/science/pop culture themed artwork this side of the universe.

For San Diego Comic-Con’s online version this year, Monkey Minion is taking things back — way, way back, to prehistoric times, with this Jurassic Park inspired Discover Isla Sorna print. It’s a follow up to their sold-out Discover Isla Nublar limited edition print, and the 12″x36″ giclee on watercolor paper print won’t last for long. Grab yours for $80 (with FREE shipping!) on Tuesday, July 22 at 5PM PT on the Monkey Minion site.

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