Nick Kremenek San Diego Comic-Con Online 2020 Exclusives [UPDATE July 22]

Nick Kremenek, better known to some as Dreamforger Studios, made one of our favorite WonderCon exclusives with his The Witcher coin and pin — and he’s back again for San Diego Comic-Con with more fun items.

[UPDATE July 22]

Kremenek’s first Comic-Con @ Home variant of his The Witcher print has already sold out — so he’s made a second! The Witcher fans can grab this second variant 6″x6″ variant, with a different color scheme and showing Geralt holding the reverse side of his coin. This version is limited to 100 pieces, and you can either grab it as a stand-alone print for $15, or bundled with the coin and pin for $35.

[UPDATE July 21]

If you loved Kremenek’s The Witcher WonderCon exclusive coin and pin, then you’re really going to love his latest San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. He’s created a 6″x6″ Comic-Con @ Home exclusive The Witcher Geralt of Rivia Variant Limited Giclee Print, which you can purchase either for $15 on its own (limited to 50 pieces) or for $35 as part of a bundle with his The Witcher coin and pin.

[UPDATE July 20]

Continuing with the Firefly theme, Nick has a beautiful new portrait of Summer Glau’s River Tam. This River Tam 6″ x 6″ Limited Edition Giclee is making it’s debut for Comic-Con @ Home and is the second of Kremenek’s Firefly mini-prints. This print is limited to 150 copies, each of which is signed and can be personalized upon request. Available now on Nick’s Etsy page for $15.


[UPDATE July 18]

Shiny! Get ready for big adventure with this Firefly 11″x17″ Whitefall Travel Poster (WuXing Travel Agency Series) print from Kremenek. The series is inspired by Firefly, with WuXing (meaning Five Elements after the 5-Star system from the series) as a prominent travel agency that takes you to see all the the prominent locations, not just the ones sanctioned by the Alliance Corporation. It’s making it’s debut for Comic-Con @ Home, and you can grab it now on his Etsy for $20.

[UPDATE July 17]

I could’ve been at a barbecue! Today, we celebrate our Independence Day (if a little late? or very early?) with this Comic-Con @ Home exclusive Independence Day 8″x10″ exclusive print. Grab it for just $15 now on his Etsy. It’s limited to 50 pieces.

[UPDATE July 16]

His first offering for the year is a Star Wars Starfighter Corps Recruitment Poster, which is debuting for SDCCOnline. You can grab the 11″x17″  print for $20 now on his Etsy. It’s limited to 50 pieces.

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