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Funko WonderCon 2021 Exclusives

The pandemic has delayed a lot of things — vacations, life plans, movie releases, and yes, even Funko. Due to global shipping issues, Funko announced earlier this month that their WonderCon exclusives would be announced today, going on sale in mid-April. New this year, there will be two ways to purchase. For early access on Thursday, April 22, you’ll need to follow Funko’s instructions on entering a lottery (the lottery will open on April 6, so you need to follow the instructions prior to that). If you’re a winner, you’ll be notified by April 15, and assigned a timeslot to purchase that Thursday. For those who are not lottery winners, you’ll be able to try on Friday, April 23 at 6AM PT for shared retailer exclusives and select items on Definitely check out the instructions on Funko’s website.

The good news is: Today is the day to see just what Funko has been planning!

As always, you’ll be able to get the exclusives from multiple places — as different exclusives are shared with various retailers, while others are only available in Funko’s own online shop. Here’s a recap of where to pick them up in the USA:

And in Canada:

Here’s a closer look at this year’s exclusives:

Pop! Disney: Beauty & the Beast- Enchantress (shared with Hot Topic)

Funko Vinyl SODA: Woodsy Owl w/ Flocked chase (available on the Funko Shop)

Pop! Heroes: DC – Atom (shared with GameStop)

Funko Vinyl SODA – Hanna Barbera – Lil’ Gruesome (available on Funko Shop)

Pop! Disney: Donald Duck – 3 Musketeers Donald (shared with Amazon)

Funko Vinyl SODA: Sid & Marty Krofft’s: Land of the Lost – Sleestak (Show Only)

Pokémon: Jolteon and Flareon (Diamond Glitter) (Joleteon — shared with BoxLunch; Flareon — shared with FYE)

Funko Vinyl SODA: Disney and Pixar Coco – Miguel w/Guitar (available on Funko Shop)

Funko Wondrous Con 2021: Pop! Star Wars – Stormtrooper (shared with Target)

Funko Vinyl Soda: Disney The Rocketeer – The Rocketeer (available on Funko Shop)

Pop! Disney: The Sword in the Stone – Madame Mim (shared with FYE)

Emporer’s New Groove 2 pack- Mad Scientist Yzma & Scientist Kronk (available on Funko Shop)

Black Widow w/Chase (available on Funko Shop)

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