Thornhill Gaming WonderCon 2022 Exclusives, Debuts

Full disclosure, I enjoy a hearty and raucous D&D session….but I love D&D accessories, doodads and tchotchkes even more. Like many players, I believe you can’t have too many sets of dice, or places to keep them.

This brings me to Thornhill Gaming, based out of Oakland, California, offering an assortment of TTRPG accessories and gaming themed bath products since 2017. Their website if chock full of beautiful products not just for gamers but for all the witches and warlocks in your life.

Along with their ever popular Mystery Dice Bath Bombs and Initiative Trackers, they will have some brand new products making their debut at WonderCon as well as some con exclusives you can’t get from their online shop.

You’ll be able to find Thornhill Gaming at WonderCon booth #1881 from April 1 – April 3.


WonderCon 2022 Exclusives:
Mystery Ugly Dice Packs
– less than cute colors or mismatched sets
Assorted crystals/spell sachets/Weighted eye pillows

WonderCon 2022 Debuts:
Vampire the Masquerade inspired soaps

Consecrated Dice Jars
Fey Dice Vault


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