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Artist Spotlight: Dan Veesenemeyer at San Diego Comic-Con

LEGO, Hasbro, and story artist Dan Veesenmeyer is returning to San Diego Comic-Con this year, where you can find him at Artists Alley #DD-19. While Veesenmeyer is likely best known now for his work on LEGO, he got his start in part as a storyboard artist on X-Men: The Animated Series.

As the series celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, Veesenmeyer is bringing several new prints for it to the con, including this fun X-Men: The Animated Series MEME print, replicating the original photo from the famous Wolverine scene in which he looks on Jean Grey and Scott’s photo together with sadness. This 8.5″x11″ LE print will be available at #DD-19.

The X-Men: The Animated Series love continues with this Rogue print, which measures 11″x14″. There are two versions — a regular glossy, and an “ultra limited” holofoil variant. You can see the holofoil at the bottom of this post.

Veesenmeyer also shows off some of his storyboard artwork from the series in this fun Storyboard Art print, depicting some iconic moments from the series and just fun shots. This piece is 11″x17″.

Veesenmeyer will also have several 8″.5″x11″ LEGO prints with pricing starting at $10, and more.

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