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To make our coverage easier for everyone to follow, we wanted to create a single page with all of our blog posts, videos and podcasts throughout the convention.

Realtime Updates

Thursday July 24

SDCC 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch Arrives at Comic-Con! [Video]

SDCC 2014: What Inspired Benedict Cumberbatch As A Child? [Video]

SDCC 2014: Differences Between Voice and Traditional Acting (Benedict Cumberbatch) [Video]

SDCC 2014: Acting For “Adult” Films (Benedict Cumberbatch) [Video]

SDCC 2014: Will Sherlock Be Back? (Benedict Cumberbatch) [Video]

SDCC 2014: What Comicbook Hero Would Benedict Cumberbatch Like To Play? [Video]

SDCC 2014: 24’s Kiefer Sutherland Talks Trying To Rescue An Old Woman [Video]

SDCC 2014: 24’s Kiefer Sutherland Talks How TV Is Rewarding [Video]

SDCC 2014: Community – The Fate of Troy [Video]

SDCC 2014: Community – Will Britta Be a Psychologist? [Video]

SDCC 2014 – Teen Wolf: Why Cast Auditioned [Video]

SDCC 2014 – Teen Wolf: Gnarliest Thing [Video]

SDCC 2014: Nintendo Gaming Lounge [Video]

SDCC 2014: Sharknado 2 Panel Highlights [Video]

SDCC 2014: mtvU Fan Fest – Silent Disco [Video]

SDCC 2014: mtvU Fan Fest – High Jump [Video]

MTV Fan Fest & mtvU Fandom Awards Review

Highlights from the Community Panel

Friday July 25

SDCC 2014  – Sights and Sounds – The Hall H Experience [3D Audio and Video]

SDCC 2014: The Super-Secret Hall H Line [Video]

SDCC 2014: Gotham Zip Line [Video]

SDCC 2014: Assassin’s Creed Experience [Video]

SDConCast – 07-26-2014 – LIVE From Comic-Con

Saturday July 26

SDCC 2014: Extracurricular Activities on the Exhibit Floor [Video]

SDCC 2014: Petco Interactive Zone [Video]

GeekShot Exclusive Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron

All Days

2014 Swag And What It Means for 2015

Nerd HQ 2014: Bigger & Better Than Ever

Nerd HQ Video Tour [Video]

SDConCast: The Team’s Top Moments

SDCC 2014: The Programming Problem [Editorial]



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