Under The Tents: Win A Trip For Two, Helix, Hot Wheels, Sherlock Party, Artist Confirmations

Lately, it’s seemed like the news has been badges, badges, and more badges thanks to Preregistration (which went about as well as could be hoped for most) – but that’s not the only thing going on in the world of Comic-Con. Already we’ve had more artist confirmations, the promise of another Sherlock offsite party this year, news about exclusives, and ... Read More »

Super7 and Funko Combine Forces On SDCC Playset

Just a few weeks ago we learned of an awesome Doctor Who Comic-Con exclusive we won’t be getting, but today we have better, albeit vague, news on something we will be getting. SDCC toy-maker all-stars of 2013, Funko and Super7, have chimed in with an awesome tease of what awaits attendees at this year’s convention. In a recent article with ... Read More »

Under The Tents: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shiflett Brothers, Artist Confirmations, Funko Ghostbusters, Clive Barker

It’s been another busy week of San Diego Comic-Con news.  Not only have the Creative Professionals had a chance to snag their badges, but we’ve also had news about the new Preregistration system that is currently being put into place for preregistration badges sales.  Among these wonderful developments that help us realize we are steadily moving closer to the main ... Read More »

Under The Tents: BOOM! Studios, DC Cosplayers, NECA, Taran Killam, Nerd HQ, Gentle Giant

We’re another week closer to San Diego Comic-Con, and we’ve got another jam-packed week of news and announcements. We’ve learned more about the presence of several artists and publishers, found out about a photoshoot for DC cosplayers, more news about NECA’s possible SDCC exclusives, confirmation on the attendance of a Saturday Night Live fan favorite, word on Nerd HQ, and ... Read More »

Under the Tents: Capcom, Star Trek Bridge, Art Show, Artist Confirmations, SDCC 2015, Hercules

Comic-Con is still six months away, but it seems like everyone is already working on their plans for the convention. Already we’ve got a possible first look at a Capcom SDCC exclusive, information on how to secure an autograph table in the Sails Pavilion, more vendor and exhibit floor confirmations, news about Comic-Con’s Art Show, a book launch that will ... Read More »

The Doctor Who Exclusive We Won’t See At SDCC

As our readers know, we’re always looking for the next piece of news to make your San Diego Comic-Con even more exciting. That being said, this time we’ve got something different — a very cool Doctor Who exclusive that was planned for this year’s SDCC, but that won’t be available to fill your newest WB bag. Recently it was announced ... Read More »

New CHEW Chog Exclusive Teased For SDCC 2014

As we stated in an earlier post, covering San Diego Comic-Con is becoming a year-round event for us. Exhibitors are announcing plans for the convention earlier than before, as we saw with MattyCollector’s announcement of it’s Doomsday SDCC exclusive this past November. Last year, one of our first bits of SDCC exclusive news was for the CHEW pink vinyl Chog ... Read More »

They’re Ready To Believe You: ‘Ghostbusters’ 30th Offsite, Merchandise at SDCC 2014

Ghostbusters Cosplay at SDCC, via Ewen Roberts at Flickr.

Just before the holidays, news of a big Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary celebration was announced by the film’s studio, Sony Pictures, which sounds like it will have several ties with this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. First up is a traveling art show in partnership with popular Los Angeles art gallery Gallery 1988, which will begin this year and conclude at SDCC ... Read More »