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Under The Tents: Disney, Batman, Alex Ross, Penguin Books, MLP

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, sipping some Lemonade by the pool and chilling with this week’s SDConCast with our phenomenal guest, Doug Kline of The San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide. We’ve got a ton of new SDCC info for you to check out in today’s UTT, with news from a couple of big voice actors, more exclusive artwork from some great artists, and some swag news. Check it out.

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Here’s the news you might have missed:

  • Artist Mingjue Helen Chen posted on her tumblr page she will be taking commissions at Comic-Con this year. And via twitter, Chen also teased the cover of her latest sketchbook via Twitter, which will be at SDCC “if all goes well in the next few weeks”.

  • It was just a couple of weeks ago when we saw Amy Mebberson’s SDCC table banner that she’ll be sharing with James Silvani. Now the artist tweeted out pics of Silvani’s artbook you’ll be able to get at the table (F07, by the way), along with “other goodies, coming soon”.

  • Bill Farmer, the voice of Disney’s Goofy, will be appearing at the Business of Voice Acting panel, per a post on his Facebook page.
  • If you missed that chance to have breakfast with George R. R. Martin during Comic-Con, never fear, because there’s still two more meals in the day. Three if you count brunch in this case, as the author has added another “Hand at the Table” prize level on his Prizeo charity auction to share second breakfast with a lucky reader on Sunday July 27. The auction includes “a signed map of Westeros and an exclusive campaign T-shirt”. Oh, and did we say it was only $25,000?
  • Alex Ross keeps cranking out the SDCC artwork, again courtesy of a tweet from Sal Abbinati, like this beautiful X-Men print:

  • Artist Patrick Ballesteros posted a new “Wonders” sketch on his tumblr page, and said he would be posting a new one every Friday leading up to Comic-Con. You’ll be able to find Ballesteros in Artists Alley, table D08.


  • More Penguin book freebies! The publisher will be handing out advance copies of New York Times Best Selling Author Marie Lu’s The Young Elites during Comic-Con, according to this Instagram post.
  • Andy Price, artist for IDW’s My Little Pony comics, revealed via Twitter will be at SDCC in Artists Alley.

  • The voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, tweeted his SDCC schedule in less than 140 characters earlier today, listing a panel for the upcoming DC Animated project Assault on Arkham on Friday; taking part in the Batman 75th panel on Saturday; and signings for Friday through Sunday.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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