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Under the Tents: Bioware, KFC, Funko, Ming-Na Wen, UDON, Patrick Ballesteros, Orlando Jones

We’re less than a month to San Diego Comic-Con, and in today’s Under the Tents, we’ve got news on everything from Bioware (Yay!) to KFC (YAY!), to artwork from Patrick Ballesteros and teases from UDON, and more.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Dan Veesenmeyer, an artist behind LEGO Marvel Avengers and other LEGO products, showed off a LEGO Star Wars print that he will have available at SDCC. Very limited quantities, so don’t let the dark side win!

  • Fans of the film Aliens will be excited to hear that actress Carrie Henn will be having a few signings at SDCC. Henn will be signing at her own table both Friday and Saturday. Great opportunity to get that SDCC exclusive Newt figure from NECA signed.

  • We brought you news last week that Nichelle Nichols would be at SDCC and this time we have a little bit more info. According to a recent tweet, the Star Trek alumni will be in the autograph area and will be participating in the Star Trek Beyond World Premiere.

  • Allen Williams recently took to Twitter to show off a new print he will have available at his booth #4613.

  • Bioware fans get hyped, the game developer will be at SDCC! Bioware β€” the creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age β€” traditionally share a booth with Dark Horse, so swing by for some merch!


  • I Heart Guts (Booth #4433) showed off some gift bags they’ll have available at SDCC.

  • While we’re still pretty sure American Gods will be at San Diego Comic-Con, we’re less sure one of its actors will be. Orlando Jones posted on Twitter that he’ll be doing stand-up shows in South Africa July 22-23, which wouldn’t leave a lot of room for a Comic-Con appearance.

  • Artist Camilla d’Errico showed off an 11×14 print titled “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” which will be available at SDCC 2016. Find her at Booth #4723.

  • How will you get your hands on Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives? Well, you can either head up to Sails for a ticket β€” or you can hope that retailers like Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, Gamestop, and others will be getting inventory as well. Traditionally, you can order your Funko “summer exclusives” (the only thing different is the sticker and the stress level!) right online Thursday morning of the con (we did it last year while sitting in line for the show floor!). But how do you know which stores will have which exclusives? Looks like Funko will be making an announcement on Wednesday, July 20.

  • You’re all shocked β€” but looks like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is heading back to San Diego Comic-Con, and Ming-Na Wen is coming along too. In a recent conversation on Twitter with fan Shawn Richter, she more or less confirmed she’ll be there. We expect a full announcement from ABC soon. Ish.

  • UDON recently teased their upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusives with a teaser image showing eight spots with question marks. This year’s card set? Eight different exclusives total? We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.


  • Patrick Ballesteros, one of our favorite artists, showed off a Game of Thrones work-in-progress print that will be heading to Comic-Con. You can see more of Patrick’s SDCC exclusives here and here.


DEADLINE: So, honest answer, are we going to see you make an appearance at Comic-Con next month with the rest of the Suicide Squad gang?

LETO: (laughs) You never know!

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments,Β drop us a lineΒ or tweet us atΒ @SD_Comic_Con.

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