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BBC Shop San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives [UPDATE July 18]

The BBC Shop – the annual BBC  Booth which features merch from your favorite BBC shops, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black, and more – is returning this year. This booth always has a long line, and exclusives do sell out – so if you spy something you want, make sure to include it in your show floor plans.

Even before you step onto the show floor, though, you can get into the Sherlock groove for Comic-Con with a special Sherlock promotion on the BBC Shop, which includes t-shirts, mugs, Funkos, books (including a coloring book!), and DVDs.

[UPDATE July 18]

In addition to their awesome San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, the BBC Shop will also have a range of items for Doctor WhoSherlock, and Orphan Black – including the chance to score two items ahead of anyone else!

TARDIS 20Q (Comic-Con First to Market) – $30: The BBC Shop will be unveiling the TARDIS 20Q at San Diego Comic-Con, meaning you can snag it before it hits store shelves in September. TARDIS 20Q utilizes the hugely popular online AI technology and the electronic game from 20Q that can “read your mind”. Fans can travel through time as they test their Doctor Who knowledge from the TV show over its 50-year-plus history. You’ll think of any being, place, or thing from the Doctor Who universe, and answer questions through the game, to see if it can guess who you’re thinking of in 20 questions or less.

Doctor Who Tardis 20Q - hi-res

Sherlock Playing Cards – $8: The first time you’ll be able to grab these Sherlock playing cards is at Comic-Con — so snatch a set, and see if you can outwit your friends.


Bad Wolf TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker – $50: Listen to your tunes in style with this TARDIS Bluetooth speaker.


Sherlock TITAN 4.5” Figure – $15: Grab this Sherlock TITAN 4.5″ figure to take home with you.


TARDIS Socks – $10: Good socks are important at Comic-Con. Good socks that are this adorable? Well, that’s a no-brainer.

tardis socks

TARDIS Onesie – $60: You’ll be the talk of the Hall H line in this TARDIS Onesie.


Dalek Collector’s Watch – $175


TITAN Blind Boxes (Doctor Who & Sherlock) – $10: You don’t know which character you’ll get — which makes the mystery that much more thrilling.

Doctor Who, Sherlock and Orphan Black Funko Pop! Figures – $10: Do we even need to say anything about these?

Doctor Who Funko Pop! Keychains – $8: Sport your Doctor Who love with these collectible Funko Pop! keychains.

Dalek Yahtzee – $25: Because really, why wouldn’t you want this?

Doctor Who_yz_pr_print

Twelfth Doctor Sticky Notes – $10: Write your notes down on these awesome Doctor Who sticky notes.


[UPDATE July 14 #2]

Spoilers! We’ve got your first look at this year’s Doctor Who items available at the BBC Shop Booth #4129 – and you may need a TARDIS to get all of these items home, because you’re going to want them all.

Doctor Who T-Shirt (Comic-Con Exclusive) – $25


Doctor Who Hoodie (Comic-Con Exclusive)  – $50


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.23.55

TARDIS Youth T-Shirt – $15: While not a Comic-Con exclusive, this is the first time you’ll be able to score this shirt in kids sizes! Available in Sizes 8, 10/12, and 14/16.


Twelfth Doctor’s Second Sonic Screwdriver – $30: While not a Comic-Con exclusive, you can either pick it up online now or on-site.


Sherlock: The Mind Palace Coloring Book – $15: Because coloring is awesome.

Sherlock the mind palace

Doctor Who: Colouring Book – $15: Because coloring is awesome.

Doctor Who Coloring book

[UPDATE July 14]


Con Exclusive Oversized TARDIS Mug ($20): This split exclusive 64 oz. mug with Underground Toys is super rare (with only 50 available at the BBC Shop!), and promises to transport your morning routine from drab to amazing (though the coffee may help some with that).

Underground Toys_64oz Doctor Who Mug_SDCC 2016

Titan Comics Twelfth Doctor ($10): Debuting at Comic-Con, this 3″ split figure with Titan Comics features the Twelfth Doctor based on his eerie ghost hologram from the episode “Under the Lake”.

DWV-UTLG-001 photo

Titan Comics Translucent TARDIS ($10): Debuting at Comic-Con, this 3″ super-cool translucent TARDIS features a glitter deco.



River Pin-Up T-Shirt (BBC Shop Exclusives) ($25): You can actually grab this shirt online now – but it’s just always more fun to buy things in person, right?


Missy Pin-Up T-Shirt (BBC Shop Exclusives) ($25) You can actually grab this shirt online now – but it’s just always more fun to buy things in person, right?


[UPDATE July 13]

The game is on for these San Diego Comic-Con Sherlock exclusives – but you won’t have to look too hard, as they’ll all be available at Booth #4129. You can grab a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive t-shirt for Sherlock (available in both unisex and ladies sizes!) honoring The Abominable Bride, as well as an exclusive hoodie (available in unisex sizes). The t-shirts retail for $25, and the hoodies for $50.

As promised, here are the designs for the SDCC Exclusive T-Shirt for Sherlock. It will come in Unisex and Ladies’ sizes.




Back of shirt
Back of shirt



[UPDATE July 8]

We already know that there will be exclusive Topps oversized Doctor Who cards available. Topps brand manager Mark Von Ohlsen tweeted a sneak peak of these cards. No information yet as to the size, print run, or price of the cards.

What will you be trying for at the BBC Shop? Let us know in the comments.

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