‘Conan’ San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Tickets Now Available

It was one of the best offsite experiences of the last two San Diego Comic-Cons  — and it’s also one of the hardest tickets to get. Conan returns to the Spreckles Theatre Wednesday, July 19 – Saturday, July 22, and tickets are now available through It does ask you to enter your Member ID or code as in years ... Read More »

GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to the San Diego Symphony’s ‘Raiders, Rebels, and Supermen: The Music of John Williams’

There is possibly no one more iconic when it comes to scoring films than John Williams — and there is possibly no offsite we’re more excited about at San Diego Comic-Con this year than the San Diego Symphony’s “Raiders, Rebels, and Supermen: The Music of John Williams”. On Saturday, July 22, at the Copley Symphony Hall downtown., the San Diego Symphony ... Read More »

‘Conan’ Dates Appear on 1iota Site (Not Live, but Inching Closer!)

The Conan San Diego Comic-Con dates have quietly gone up on 1iota, the ticketing website that distributes tickets to the tapings. They’re not currently live – but they are “coming soon”.  [UPDATE] The dates have been disappearing and then coming back up, so keep checking. It’s likely all a sign of things to come soon. Very soon. As we previously reported, just like ... Read More »

San Diego Symphony Presents “Rebels, Raiders and Supermen: The Music of John Williams” During San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Join the San Diego Symphony inside their home at Copley Symphony Hall for a special concert of music by the greatest soundtrack wizard of our time, John Williams. The concert — set for Saturday, July 22 — will feature famous excerpts from Jurassic Park, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Harry Potter, and, of course, the Star Wars movies, including selections ... Read More »

Turning Tydes Theatre Mashes Up ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Star Wars’ with Musicals for San Diego Comic-Con Offsite Performances

A long time ago, in an opera house far, far away…. Turning Tydes Theatre Company announced that they were bringing two awesome musicals to San Diego Comic-Con, at The Geoffrey Off Broadway (part of the Spreckles building). Thursday-Sunday nights, you can catch live shows of either/both Into the Walker Woods (The Walking Dead mashed up with Into the Woods, which sounds amazing), and ... Read More »

Comickaze Liberty Station Offers Artists a Second Chance [UPDATE June 15]

Becoming an exhibitor or an artist at San Diego Comic-Con can be difficult — the waiting list sometimes takes years, which can unfortunately leave a lot of talent without a place to showcase and sell their work as well as interact with fans during the convention. Comickaze Liberty Station would like to change that. Owner Robert Scott announced that he is ... Read More »