The Loyal Subjects SDCC Exclusives, Signings & More [UPDATE July 1]

The Loyal Subjects, a collectibles and designer toy company who has teamed up with Hasbro, has already been slowly revealing news about their San Diego Comic-Con plans this year – which includes a lot of Power Rangers. Although they’ve been at Comic-Con before, this year they’re striking hard at the convention, with autograph signings, exclusives, and much more.

You can find them at the convention at Booth #5050, with autograph signings and exclusives. Here’s a look at the autograph schedule, when the designers of the various exclusives will be on hand to sign for anyone who purchased:

Wednesday, July 8
7PM – Joe Allard – Blue Ranger “Crystal Edition” blister carded – 500 available – $15.99/each

Thursday, July 9
11AM – Joe Allard – Red Ranger “Crystal Edition” blister carded – 500 available – $15.99/each
1PM – Les Schettkoe – Clear Frenzy and Buzzsaw Tape Pak – window box – 500 available – $29.99/each
3PM – Joe Allard – Rita Repulsa Vs. Pink Ranger “Metallic Ed” – window box – 500 available – $29.99/each5PM – Les Schettkoe – Clear Black Mirage – blister carded – 500 available – $15.99/each

Friday, July 10
11AM – Joe Allard – Battle Damage TMNT 4 Pak – 500 available – $59.99/each
1PM – Les Schettkoe -Construction 3 pak set (Yellow/Purple Ed) – window box – 500 available – $49.99/each
3PM – Joe Allard – Metallic Jumbo (8″) Leonardo/TMNT – windowbox – 300 available – $56/each
5PM – Les Schettkoe – Blue (cartoon) Rumble and Black Laserbeak – window box – 500 available – $29.99/each

Saturday, July 11
11AM – Joe Allard – TMNT Stealth Pak (4pak) – blister card – 500 available – $59.99/each
1PM – Nickelodeon (Mystery release)
3PM – Joe Allard – White Ranger vs Lord Zedd “Metallic Ed” – window box – 500 available – $29.99/each

Sunday, July 12
11AM – Joe Allard – Pink Ranger “Crytal Ed” – blister card – 500 available – $15.99/each
1PM – Nickelodeon (Mystery release)
3PM – Joe Allard – Red Ranger vs Goldar “Metallic Ed” – window box – 500 available – $29.99/each

So just what do The Loyal Subjects have in store for their 2015 exclusives? Let’s take a look:

[UPDATE July 1] The Loyal Subjects have two more Comic-Con exclusives: the Translucent Pink Ranger and the White “Metallic Ranger” and “Metallic” Lord Zedd two-pack windowbox set. Grab the two-pack Saturday at 3PM, or the Pink Ranger Sunday at 11AM.



[UPDATE June 23] It’s been awhile since we’ve had a look at a new Loyal Subjects SDCC exclusive, but today, they’ve got a big one. The toymakers unveiled an 8″Metallic Ninja Assassin, which includes nine points of articulation and comes with a sword sheath, two katanas with dry brush details, and two throwing stars. Grab yours on Friday, July 10 at 3PM.


[UPDATE June 11 #2]

The Loyal Subjects unveiled another two Comic-Con exclusives: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 pak blister card-ed set, and a Construction “Yellow” Constructicon set. The toys will be dropping, along with autograph signings, in the schedule detailed above.


[UPDATE June 11]

Ready for some more The Loyal Subjects SDCC exclusives? They’ve unveiled the Metallic Rita Repulsa vs Metallic ED Pink Ranger, which is limited to 500 pieces, and the Stealth/Midnight Mirage translucent single blister pak figure.



[UPDATE June 9]

They’ve revealed two more Comic-Con exclusives – the Red Ranger “Crytal Edition”, which is 3.25″ and limited to 500 pieces:


And Buzzsaw, , who comes with his pal Frenzy in translucent clear:


[UPDATE June 8]

The Loyal Subjects revealed this exclusive, which we’re assuming is the Blue Ranger “Crystal Edition”:

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stealth Editions:

Will you be picking up any of The Loyal Subjects SDCC exclusives? Let us know in the comments.

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