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What to Expect: SDCC Preparation for May 2016

SDCC 2015 - sign signage crowd lobby hall c twd the walking dead convention centerIt’s now May, and that means in 80 days, San Diego Comic-Con will be upon us. Are you prepared? Well, alright, no one is probably ever completely prepared, but your best option for ensuring you make the most of the behemoth that is Comic-Con is keeping up with the important information. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you can expect over the next month:

Exclusive Announcements

May will be a big month in the world of exclusives for most of the major companies. We already have our first looks at the first two Comic-Con exclusives from both Hasbro, Square Enix and Hallmark, but we’re expecting more from Hasbro (who gave us the full look of their Transformers exclusive last May), as well as some announcements from companies like Mattel (whose announcements started on May 7 last year), Bandai, Entertainment Earth, and many others. It’s probably too early for Funko exclusives, though we have heard that there will be some Powerpuff Pop!’s this year.

Offsites Announcements

We’re anticipating lots of offsite news in May – we should get word on this year’s Funko FunDays, ticket sales and information for Hop-Con 4.0 will be announced on May 4, and hopefully we’ll hear any news on the Conan O’Brien tapings or NerdHQ. Plus, there’s always even more that we may not even know exists yet.

Panel News

Those who applied to hold a panel during Comic-Con typically hear back in either late May or early June. We’re very likely to keep getting announcements all the way through May — last year at this time we saw confirmations about appearances from Doctor Who, iZombie, Hannibal (though that, unfortunately, will obviously not be back this year), SpongeBob SquarePants, Con Man, and many more.

Parking Permit Sales

Ace Parking’s parking permit sales will kick off on May 2, in groups that were assigned in this year’s lottery system. Last year’s sale was pretty seamless – no issues with load times, purchases, or anything in the process, which is a feat in itself in the world of Comic-Con sales. If you weren’t so lucky in the lottery, all remaining inventory will go back on sale after each group has purchased. And yes, there was remaining inventory last year, so fear not.

Hotel Resale/Waitlist

The San Diego Comic-Con General Hotel always has a few unlucky folks each year who don’t score a hotel. But with the cancellation deadline now over (it ended on April 30), rooms will open up. That means there’s a higher likelihood that you could hear back if you’re on the waitlist, or that we’ll see the hotel resale open up in the next few weeks (though the resale doesn’t typically include downtown hotels).

More News, More Features

We know we say this every year, but the news just seems to keep coming faster than ever. But we know from experience, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet — May is the start of the true news season for SDCC. Expect all sorts of booth, offsite event, panel, and other information to be announced fast and furiously from here on out, and we’ll be on top of it all to be your number one source for all-things SDCC!

Is there anything in particular you would like us to cover or want to know more about for SDCC? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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