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Your Complete Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2018

For those ready to ascend into the craziness that is San Diego Comic-Con, we have you covered. Everything you need to prepare yourselves can be found in the bullet points below.

  • Download the Comic-Con International Quick Guide for 28 pages of maps, exhibitors, restaurants and more information, all in one tidy PDF!
  • We’ll be tweeting line queues and panel news throughout the convention as we always do, but we’ve also partnered up with some amazing companies to bring you all sorts of goodies through our Adventures Of Prize Mule as well. Follow @SD_Comic_Con and #AdventuresOfPrizeMule on Twitter and don’t miss a tweet!

  • Use the following hashtags when tweeting us with line statuses (here’s a sample, but we’ll be sure to remind you which to use):
    • #SDCC
    • #B20
    • #HallH
    • #6BCF
    • #Indigo
    • #6A
    • #Hasbro
    • #WBSDCC
    • #2Blog2Furious

  • When you head to the convention center, make sure you’re familiar with this year’s new Harbor Drive Road Closures. There’s brand new rules relating to traffic and attendee access/security during San Diego Comic-Con this year, including who is allowed onto the sidewalks immediately surrounding the convention center. If you don’t have your badge yet, make sure you have your paperwork on hand.

  • Have you checked out our guides on Ballroom 20 and Hall H? You might want to, because you’ll be spending a lot of time in there…
  • And regarding Hall H, Toucan Trackers Hall H wristbands are back for those camping out in line. Read about the wristband policy and how it might affect you. There’s some RFID changes for 2018!
  • And then make sure you know where to line up for panels and the exhibit floor, with our Guide to Lines.

  • Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, hopefully you’ll find some helpful information in our Guide page. 30+ guides from over the years – blog posts, tips and more.
  • Planned your evenings outside of the convention center? If you have some time to fill, look no further than our 2018 Offsite Events list.
  • Need to know how to get around the Gaslamp and some of the areas just outside the San Diego Convention Center? Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons walks you through in this year’s Outside SDCC Tips Visual Guide.

  • Check the weather. Pack and dress accordingly.
  • Check out /SlashfilmIGN TV, and The Beat for the latest movie, TV and comics news to come out of San Diego.
  • Most importantly, enjoy! We hope to meet you there!
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