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Patrick Ballesteros Unveils Keanu Reeves San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Print

Artist Patrick Ballesteros has long been one of our favorite artists, and a mainstay for several years now at both San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon in Artists Alley. He’s best known for turning your favorite pop culture characters into kid-ified versions of themselves, offering a fresh take filled with plenty of childhood wonder in series like his popular 25 Cent Wonders or his “Can You Hear Me Now” series (where you can mix and match characters speaking long-distance to each other the old fashioned way: through a tin can!).

After creating a series of amazing Game of Thrones prints making their debut at San Diego Comic-Con, as well as an incredible Avengers: Endgame print — Ballesteros has set his sights on the Internet’s boyfriend: Keanu Reeves.

The new San Diego Comic-Con exclusive 25 Cent Wonders features Keanu Reeves from John Wick 3Always Be My MaybeCyberpunk 2077, and Toy Story 4. It will be available on an unspecified date during the con at Artists Alley DD-08 — stay tuned for the full schedule.

In addition, Ballesteros is bringing 100 mini-originals to the convention, as well as his regular exclusives (like the already-announced Game of Thrones mash-up “Dany & Dragons“, MulanLil Firecrackers“, and “The A+ Team“), regular prints, and “Can You Hear Me Now?” tin can series. And for those wanting one of his other awesome Game of Thrones season eight prints — don’t worry. He’s said he’ll be bringing lots of inventory.

You can catch Ballesteros at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 at Artists Alley DD-08.

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