Guide To The SDCC 2014 Hotel Sale [Updated with Prices]

[UPDATE: Comic-Con International has announced the list of hotels and room prices for this year. You can view the list here And if you need help finding a roommate, be sure to check out our Roommate and Room Finder forum on reddit] If you thought getting a badge to San Diego Comic-Con was tough, you better buckle in for the ... Read More »

Prepare For The General Hotel Sale on April 8: The Process, Prices, Finding Roommates, More [Updated]

Comic-Con International has just announced on the Toucan Blog – what Travel Planners confirmed to us back in February – that the General Hotel Reservation Sale will take place on Tuesday, April 8, at 9AM PT. The General Hotel Sale is the biggest hotel sale for San Diego Comic-Con, because it’s when the hotels closest to the action (the Gaslamp District downtown, as ... Read More »

The SDCC Unofficial Blog’s ‘Guide to WonderCon’

WonderCon Anaheim will be celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, though 2014 marks only its third year in the city of Anaheim after being held in the San Francisco Bay Area since it’s inception. Even though the convention has been around for years, the smaller, sister-show of San Diego Comic-Con has only really started to make leaps and bounds in ... Read More »

Guide to SDCC 2014 Preregistration Process [UPDATE 2 – You WILL Be Eligible for Open Reg!]

Editor’s note: Important update below for those eligible for preregistration but also wanting to participate in open registration in the spring. Update: You will be able to. For weeks, we’ve been expecting news of San Diego Comic-Con’s Preregistration date. All of us have felt the anticipation build as CCI has released news regarding prices and policy changes, the new randomized ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Preregistration Tips [UPDATE 2 – How To Make The Most Of The New Process]

[Editor’s Note] We’d like to welcome our guest contributor, Lisa McDowell, with her first article! Since Comic-Con International has stated 2014 SDCC preregistration will take place soon (sometime in early 2014), the possible window of time for badge sales is starting to close in. Whether last year was your first time attending or you’ve been there from the start, we ... Read More »

Infographics: How SDCC Compares To Other Conventions

The market for comic and mutli-genre conventions has never seemed so crowded — this year alone, more than 400 Comic Con-esque conventions happened all over North America, ranging from the small (like the Southern Maryland Comic-Con, which has four special guests) to the large (like New York Comic Con, which had over 500). There are now conventions geared toward almost ... Read More »

How Does New York Comic-Con Stack Up Against SDCC?

San Diego Comic-Con is still “king of the hill” when it comes to North American comic conventions. However, if there is one other which comes close, it’s New York Comic-Con. Started in 2006 with an attendance count of about 33,000, the convention has seized the wave of “con-fever” that has taken hold of geeks everywhere, growing to 116,000 in 2012 ... Read More »

How Does Dragon*Con Stack Up Against SDCC?

DragonCon2013-1 by PatLoika, on Flickr

The 27th annual Dragon*Con convention was held over the 2013 Labor Day weekend in Hotlanta Atlanta, and this long running geek gathering has been a favorite among attendees because of its stellar cosplay and emphasis on fans rather than a big corporate presence like some of the larger, more popular conventions such as Fan Expo, New York Comic-Con and San ... Read More »