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SDConCast – 05-30-2014 – The Psychology of Comic-Con with Dr. Ali Mattu

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We’re very excited to announce our first special guest of the season, Dr. Ali Mattu from He is  joined by the rest of the team from The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog to talk about The Psychology of Comic-Con, as well as the SDCC news of the week and other geeky pursuits. If you didn’t turnout for the live feed on Google+, you can watch … Read More

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The Movies of SDCC 2014

In Panel & Autograph News by Jeremy Rutz17 Comments

We all know San Diego Comic-Con is more than just comics. Yet despite all the great panels and events that happen throughout the convention, nothing gets quite the attention than a big Hollywood reveal on the stage of the Convention Center’s Hall H. Tom Hiddleston as Loki? Warner Bros. taking the wraps off of Godzilla for the first time? The Avengers presented on stage … Read More

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SDConCast – 5/23/2014 – Calm Before The Storm

In Podcast by Jeremy Rutz1 Comment

Today starts the unofficial start of summer, with Memorial Day (in the U.S., for our international readers) finishing off our upcoming three-day weekend. What are our plans? James is hanging out in Minnesota (and watching X-Men: Days of Future Past), Jeremy’s finally going to see Godzilla, Kerry will be re-living The Truman Show, and Sarah’s going to be staying right … Read More

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IDW’s ‘Skylanders’ Comics To Debut at SDCC

In General News by Jeremy Rutz2 Comments

San Diego Comic-Con is a convergence of all things pop culture. Whether it’s movies, television, comics, video games, board games and more, SDCC is the intersection of all these things. Which is why it’s so darn popular, in the understatement of the century. And where these things intersect, they sometimes blend right into each other. Such is the case with … Read More

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‘Warcraft’ Movie Producer Hints At Comic-Con Appearance

In Panel & Autograph News by Jeremy Rutz2 Comments

In the weeks leading up to SDCC this July, we’ll be seeing tons of hints and proclamations from various independent sources about big celebrities or productions making their way to San Diego. But until it’s explicitly stated by either the company or as part of Comic-Con International’s schedule announcements later this summer, we can’t quite give it a 100% chance of appearing. With … Read More

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San Diego Zombiewalk Seeks Crowdfunding for 2014 Event

In Offsites by Jeremy Rutz2 Comments

For years, it’s been the event planners who have been giving to attendees descending upon San Diego Comic-Con – tons of parties, celebrity appearances, swag and many memorable experiences. However, it seems as if 2014 is turning this tradition around a bit. With events losing long-time sponsors – and along with it much-needed contributions – the events themselves are now turning to … Read More