SDCC Tech Review and Giveaway: RichardSolo 9000 mAh [Update Winner Selected]

 Congratulations Amy! Review: RichardSolo 9000 mAH Mobile Charger  Overview video of the RichardSolo 9000 mAh: The rest of the technical specs are on their website- RichardSolo 9000 mAh.  After watching the video and studying up on the technical specs there was no question in my mind that the RichardSolo 9000 mAh could power a single mobile device throughout the day at ... Read More »

Thinking of Cosplaying at SDCC? Tips From The Pros

The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog attended the BigWOW! Comicfest, one of the best up and coming shows on the West Coast, and encountered quite a few cosplayers over the weekend. So we wanted to help any of our readers thinking about cosplaying at SDCC for the first time by asking them this question: “What advice, tip or suggestion would you ... Read More »

Tech Tips from @evico: Build Your Environment!

The San Diego Comic-Con information stampede has already begun, so it is a good idea to start building that EGO PLAN we talked about earlier. The key to a good plan is a sound foundation and the base for my EGO PLAN is the Environment. That being said the Environment should be something that you are fairly knowledgeable and comfortable ... Read More »

Geeks With Children: SDCC Child Care Registration Open

Pay up or the hand gets it! by Chris Winters, on Flickr

For those who have traded their collectible figurines for bottles, bibs and binkies, Comic-Con International is looking out for you. Thanks to their Child Care program during San Diego Comic-Con, you won’t miss a beat at the convention, even if your significant other sticks you with watching the kids during the biggest weekend of the year. Information has been released ... Read More »

Ask The SDCC Doctors: The Most Awesome Moment At Comic-Con?

Invasion Of The Doctors by easylocum, on Flickr

We get asked for advice all the time from our readers, and we’re always happy to help. But now that we’ve assembled such a great team of experienced con attendees, we’ve decided to pool our knowledge in a regular column called, “Ask The SDCC Doctors”, where we go around the TARDIS answering a reader question. Today’s question comes from reddit ... Read More »

Tech Tips from @evico: Building an EGO PLAN!

The San Diego Comic-Con is approaching fast and I am sure the anxiety level for most of us is beginning to build as we anticipate what we want to do, see and get! Over the past ten years I noticed a trend and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year… there is always MORE to see, MORE ... Read More »

How to Make The Best of SDCC, Solo Style

A Guide to Attending SDCC Solo

As you already know, San Diego Comic-Con is awesome. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. But I’ve been seeing the same question repeatedly from concerned attendees: “I’m attending Comic-Con by myself this year. Will it still be awesome?” The short answer, is an emphatic “YES.” Case in point – I’ve attended Comic-Con exclusively ... Read More »

Will Hall H Become the Site of a ‘Justice League’ Movie Reveal?

Justice League at SDCC?

Long before there was legitimate talk of an Avengers film, a Justice League movie project was already a veteran of the rumor mill. Although things have heated up…and cooled off repeatedly  the nerd populace is hungrier than ever to see their favorite DC stars team-up. With recent talk of Nolan leading efforts to guide Superman and Batman jointly to film, it ... Read More »

A Guide To Parking At San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con Parking

Note: Because of the amount of information we received which was specific to the 2013 Ace Parking SDCC parking pass presale, we decided to compile it into its own post. As a result, we’ve pulled some of the previously updated information from here and put it into that new post. If you find some information  missing since the last time you looked, ... Read More »