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Guide to SDCC 2014 Preregistration Process [UPDATE 2 – You WILL Be Eligible for Open Reg!]

In Badge/Hotel News, Guides by Lisa McDowell15 Comments

Editor’s note: Important update below for those eligible for preregistration but also wanting to participate in open registration in the spring. Update: You will be able to. For weeks, we’ve been expecting news of San Diego Comic-Con’s Preregistration date. All of us have felt the anticipation build as CCI has released news regarding prices and policy changes, the new randomized … Read More

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SDCC Open Online Registration Set for Spring

In Badge/Hotel News by Kerry Dixon8 Comments

Tomorrow is the big day: Preregistration will take place at 9AM PT, and thousands of hopeful attendees will be vying for fewer spots than there are attendees. However, the important thing to remember is that if you don’t walk away victorious tomorrow, or if you’ve been watching from afar and waiting impatiently for your turn to try to attend Comic-Con … Read More

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SDCC 2014 Badge Preregistration Date Announced for February 8 [UPDATE – Emails Going Out]

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Kerry Dixon16 Comments

Ready your battle stations and check your e-mail, because Comic-Con International has finally announced a date for Preregistration badge sales: this Saturday, February 8th. The sale will begin “shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Time”, though as previously reported, you’ll be able to enter the EPIC Registration landing page starting at 7 AM. You’ll need your registration code, which will be … Read More

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CCI Offers Insight Into Preregistration Waiting Room Process [UPDATE 2]

In Badge/Hotel News by Kerry Dixon23 Comments

While today’s Professional registration process could have gone smoother, CCI seems to have a plan to help curb those problems from happening in the Preregistration sale. Attendees have had a lot of questions about how the new process — which includes a randomized waiting room and a unique registration code to access the sale — and thanks to a Toucan … Read More

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Preregistration Tips [UPDATE 2 – How To Make The Most Of The New Process]

In Badge/Hotel News, General News, Guides by Lisa McDowell14 Comments

[Editor’s Note] We’d like to welcome our guest contributor, Lisa McDowell, with her first article! Since Comic-Con International has stated 2014 SDCC preregistration will take place soon (sometime in early 2014), the possible window of time for badge sales is starting to close in. Whether last year was your first time attending or you’ve been there from the start, we … Read More

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SDCC 2014 Volunteer Registration Opens February 4 – Only Preapproved Apply

In Badge/Hotel News by Jeremy Rutz1 Comment

After months of silence and hints of progress in regards to SDCC 2014 registration, things are really starting to snowball into February. Last week it was the new Member ID page with hints that pre-registration would happen (relatively) soon; today was the new system’s first test of the year with creative professional badge registration; and now we have news of … Read More

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Professional Registration Problems – Could It Delay Prereg? [UPDATE]

In Badge/Hotel News by Kerry Dixon12 Comments

The first badge sale for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 kicked off this morning, with Creative Professionals vying for a badge. Similar to how Preregistration will work, just because a creative professional is registered and ‘eligible’ for a badge, does not mean that he or she would walk away victorious. As with Prereg in past years, this can lead to thousands … Read More

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Reader Response: Preregistration Changes – Good Or Bad?

In Badge/Hotel News, Editorials/Opinions, Features by Kerry Dixon18 Comments

When Comic-Con International announced earlier this week that they would be changing the way the EPIC Registration waiting room would function, basing your place in line to purchase tickets on a randomized algorithm rather than the nano-second you arrived at the website, chaos ensued. A lot of our readers have strong opinions about whether or not the changes are positive … Read More

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CCI Alters Badge Registration Process; System Randomized for 2014

In Badge/Hotel News by Kerry Dixon35 Comments

CCI has finally given anxious attendees a few updates on both how and when the impending preregistration sale will take place, and most attendees are either going to be very happy or very upset by the changes. According to a new Toucan Blog update, part of the hold-up for the sale has been that CCI and EPIC Registration have completely … Read More

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Win a SDCC Trip For Two From Sideshow Collectibles

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Kerry Dixon1 Comment

While attendees are still anxiously awaiting news on Preregistration (which we think is all but guaranteed to take place next month in February), there’s another tactic that hopeful attendees can try to get into Comic-Con this year. Sideshow Collectibles is giving away a trip to send one lucky individual and a guest to San Diego Comic-Con, with all travel and … Read More