The SDCC Unofficial Blog’s ‘Guide to WonderCon’

WonderCon Anaheim will be celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, though 2014 marks only its third year in the city of Anaheim after being held in the San Francisco Bay Area since it’s inception. Even though the convention has been around for years, the smaller, sister-show of San Diego Comic-Con has only really started to make leaps and bounds in ... Read More »

WonderCon Badges Almost Sold Out, New Hotel Added

With just four weeks until the start of WonderCon Anaheim, badges are going quickly — and with the new policy of only offering badges online this year, this may be your last few days to score entry into the San Diego Comic-Con sister-show at all. As of March 21, Comic-Con International’s site reflects that both 3-day badges and Saturday badges ... Read More »

WonderPost: Black Tiger Premiere, Blood Drive, Artists, Exclusives, Panel News, Batman 75, Program Cover

WonderCon is only a few short weeks away, and we’ve got even more updates about the Anaheim convention this week, covering everything from panels to exclusives to artists to the newly-unveiled artwork for the WonderCon program. Here’s some news you may have missed: The Kickstarter-funded film Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted announced on its Kickstarter page that is slated to have ... Read More »

WonderCon Volunteering Opens Monday

If you haven’t already purchased your badge for WonderCon, there’s another way to attend the popular Anaheim convention: volunteering. The Toucan Blog announced the particulars of how and when Volunteer Registration will take place, and you’ve at least got the weekend to prepare. While Comic-Con’s volunteer registration, done in two rounds for returning volunteers and then again for new volunteers, ... Read More »

WonderPost: Gaming, Panels, ABC, Comics Arts Conference, Artist Confirmations

WonderCon is quickly approaching, and now that badges have become available, news on gaming during the convention, Artist Alley and booth placements, and even panels are starting to emerge. We recently learned that Marvel will be skipping this year’s WonderCon Anaheim convention, but there’s still plenty to both see and do around the con. Here’s some news you might have ... Read More »

Marvel Won’t Be Attending WonderCon

When Marvel made the decision to skip WonderCon in 2013, many speculated that it was because it was a D23 year for Disney, and it made more sense for the company to hold back their goods until just a few months later at their own convention. However, the House of Mouse’s bi-annual convention is on an off year, which means ... Read More »

WonderPost: Artist Confirmations, Volunteering, Badge Pick-Up, TheOneRing.net, Panels, Pro Reg, Warner Archive

CCI’s first convention of the year is drawing closer, and we’ve got news on several aspects of the convention. The biggest news is obviously that WonderCon badges are finally available to purchase online — but it’s not the only news. Artists have confirmed their attendance, we’ve got news on panels, on how to pick up your badge, on vendors, and ... Read More »

WonderCon Badges Are On Sale – Right Now [UPDATE – Hotels Too!]

There’s been a lot of build-up to badge sales for San Diego Comic-Con – CCI offered announcement after announcement of how the process would work, and when the sale would be taking place (as well as a few announcements for when it wouldn’t be taking place, after all). But for Comic-Con’s smaller sister show, WonderCon Anaheim (April 18-20), there hasn’t ... Read More »

WonderPost: ‘Son of Batman’, Masquerade, Announced Special Guests

WonderCon Anaheim 2014 will be here before we know it. Scheduled for the weekend of April 18-20, the sister show of San Diego Comic-Con has been steadily growing in attendance, and interest, over the past several years. We’ll be covering WonderCon Anaheim for the first time, and we’ll be posting news and information leading up to and throughout the spring ... Read More »