Warner Bros. Limited-Edition Key-Cards Return to Comic-Con 2011

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After a cross-country or intercontinental trip that would make the Griswolds blush, there’s no better way to get your Comic-Con weekend kicked off than to check into your hotel and get handed one of these as your room key: Let me tell you, it’s kinda like how Hal Jordan felt when Abin Sur handed him his ring. Or when Optimus … Read More

MattyCollector.com SDCC Voucher Pre-Sale July 11th

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As I mentioned in my newbie guide, one of the best ways to score your exclusive SDCC merchandise is to pre-order your merchandise and pick it up at the show. This way you’ll be able to avoid the lines, remove chance from the equation, and leave Comic-Con with all the stuff you swore you wouldn’t without. MattyCollector.com was the biggest … Read More

My Preview Night 2010 Warp-Up

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I’m not a Comic-Con shopper. Outside of a few shirts and posters I don’t go around the con hunting for exclusives and collectibles. Still, I love free stuff and getting to try out video games and the chance to get my picture taken with awesome stuff makes Preview Night a must for me. So this year I braved the exhibit … Read More